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A Letter to Educators

Dear Educators:

The pressure to meet standardized testing goals can tremendously affect the way teachers perform in the classroom. Time they might have spent creating and innovating goes instead to scrambling to keep up with the state’s demands. Education becomes a process of jumping through hoops that, over time, seem to increase in number and decrease in size.

At the Mnephonics Institute of Human Development (MIHD), we have developed Mathematics and Language Arts Online Coaching programs to help counteract the detriments of standards-based teaching and provide teachers with the tools they need to help their students succeed. Each program is custom-designed to fit your school’s curriculum and includes three basic components:

  1. Classroom materials. Downloadable worksheets, mini-tests, and complete tests designed by our Psychometricians to look exactly like the standardized test of your choice.
  1. Teacher solutions. Concise, easy-to-use solutions to classroom materials that include short answers, key concepts, and activities to further students’ understanding of the concept being taught.
  1. Online training. Weekly webinars, or 40- to 45-minute online seminars, in which math and language arts coaches spend 20 minutes explain the lessons of the week, highlighting difficult points, teaching methods, and useful background knowledge, and 25 minutes answering teachers’ questions about the lesson.

Classroom materials, teacher solutions, and online training sessions can be accessed via a secured website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, coaches are available via email to answer educators’ questions, address their concerns, and accept their suggestions.

Please take a few moments to review the enclosed sample materials. These materials were specially created to fit the needs of alternative and reform high schools in Southern California. When you are ready to begin creating your own program, coaching specialists from MIHD will travel to meet with you and design a custom program for your school.

The possibilities are limitless. The results will astound you.

Randolph M. Sydnor, Founder
Mnephonics Institute of Human Development