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Instructor & Tutor Profile and Training

The typical MIHD teacher has multiple years of classroom teaching and/or tutoring experience. We stress that each teacher should have prior in classroom management experience with alternative students, since this is the most challenging part of the job. In general, we pay more per hour than most other in-school, after-school, or tutoring programs. Doing so allows us to select and retain the best instructors available on a part-time basis.

Upon being hired, all teachers are given a teaching handbook of classroom management techniques, sample materials, and program philosophy. Instructors are then given a three-hour orientation on the particulars of the schools they will be instructing as well as a course on Mnephonics learning techniques and classroom management/discipline techniques. Instructors are reviewed in the field by at least one of our directors. Daily reports are also sent to the program director and the principal to highlight any day-to-day issues the instructor may have. If any problems arise, the Institute provides additional resources in the form of instructor coaching by one of our more experienced directors, additional customized content, or classroom adjustments made by the school or Mnephonics management.