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MIHD will maintain daily an organized email account for all schools. Schools will be arranged by folders. The principal will have a user ID and password to this email account. This account will contain the following documents:
  • Weekly fax reporting of student sign-in sheets.   These sheets will be faxed from the sites to the principal and MIHD. 
  • Daily MIHD Instructor class progress reports for each site.
  • Extended Learning Recap Sheets (ELRS) for each school which keeps a running account of key information such as number of hours served, number of students in attendance, etc.
  • MIHD Program Director’s weekly report on each school’s progress.
  • Instructor Weekly Schedule.

MIHD instructors will email their information to the schools' email sites. Instructors will also fax student sign-in sheets from their designated sites daily to the schools' main fax numbers. This system is an excellent statistic-gathering tool and allows the principal, state administrators, auditors, and MIHD to be cognizant of school progress at all times. This electronic daily reporting along with telephone and email communication between program director and principal is necessary for the school and MIHD to work as team for sustained success. "God is in the details."