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I am filled with joy and pride as I reflect on our family's experience with Mnephonics. Our daughter had always worked hard for grades that were only passing-but with the support of Coach Sydnor and her tutors, she has risen to the top of her class and is even in an accelerated math class!

Thank you Coach Sydnor for your ability to challenge our daughter, by sending her excellent tutors, who are well versed in their fields, to support her efforts towards academic success!

Yvonne L. Davis

To Whom It May Concern: My daughter, Theresa, has made an incredible turn around in math. She was tutored, by phone, for about 10 weeks. She was almost failing her math class last school year. After working with Agi from the Mnephonic Institute she went from feeling like a failure in math to moving to the top of her class.

This year she has been the student tutor to other students in her class. Students are selected on a weekly basis by having the highest test scores in the class. Needless to say she now enjoys her math class. She does not feel like a failure and she gets to share what she knows with others.

She and Agi developed a close relationship over the phone. So even though she has never physically met Agi, she was touched by Agi's patience and will forever have the confidence and skills to learn math.

I am very grateful to have been able to get the services of the Mnephonic Institute. I would recommend them to any parent.

Ruth Yslas

I am quite pleased with the Mnephonic Institute of Human Development's instruction for my daughter Majelane. Majelane was struggling with Algebra II and had lost her will to learn. With just two weeks of tutorial assistance, I could see improvement in Majelane's enthusiasm and work habits. I believe that a lost of Majelane's success was due the structured sessions, enrichment materials, and reporting. Majelane eventually earned an A- in her Algebra II class. Again, I cannot thank the Institute enough for helping Majelane regain her confidence.

Maria Bautista

Before Shaylen attended high school, she did not appear to have much difficulty with math and was doing extremely well; she received A's on her math quizzes and tests. However, when she took Geometry in her freshman year in high school, she did not understand most of the material in the chapters the teacher was covering. Although, she would read the sections and take notes, her understanding of the material did not improve.

Shaylen met Randy Sydnor in her freshman year and explain to him her issues with math. From that point on, Mr. Sydnor did everything from lectures on Saturday to group and one-on-one tutorials to help Shaylen get a good grade out of the class. In Shaylen's, sophomore year she took Mr. Russell's Algebra II class; she still struggle in math. At that point Shaylen and I realize that she had a weak background in math and that she did not have a good understanding of all the math concepts. Shaylen attended Mr. Sydnor's class "How To Be A Great Math Student"; in that class, she learned the three-column format using white computer or graphing paper. She ended up with an A out of Algebra II. As a parent I was very happy and proud of Shaylen; I was also grateful for Mr. Sydnor's help.

Shaylen and I whole- heartily recommend Mr. Sydnor to any school program, organization or parents that have students that are struggling in Math, English, Chemistry, History, etc or simply want to improve their grades. He and his staff have the whole package. Mr. Sydnor goes beyond the call of duty. He cares and will even give advice on SAT I and II. What ever your needs are academically, he's the man. Shaylen and I call him her academic coach. He has followed her from her freshman year and now she is a senior, and he is still helping her achieve in school.

Carolyn L. Dixson

Our daughter, Alena, has been a good student in middle school, often making the honor roll, but has always struggled in math and in some science subjects. With the additional help of Coach Sydnor's excellent staff of tutors, she earned a 3.83 in the first semester of her freshman year of high school. Not only did she get an A in math, she did so in Algebra II Honors, which would not have been even on the radar screen without Coach Sydnor's advice and encouragement.

I would recommend his program to any parent needing help for his or her child in math or science subjects. Now we are discussing a French tutor, and one of his science tutors was even able to offer help in French already.

Cliff Henke

My daughter's work in math has been transformed through her tutorials from the Mnephonic Institute. The sessions were challenging and comprehensive, providing her with the skills and confidence she needed to become an "A" student in algebra I and ll. Thanks to Mnephonics, An area of former weakness has become a strenght

Cinda Jackson