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Q: Who develops your content?
Our content is created by a team of more than 40 writers under the direction of 2 editors and 4 subeditors. The vast majority of our writers either have graduate degrees in science, mathematics, writing, literature, history, etc. from elite universities or are in the process of receiving one.

Q: Who are some of your clients?
MIHD has served a large number of alternative schools throughout the Southland including Eastern PAU, East LA PAU, SEA Charter, etc.

Q: What percentages of your students pass the CAHSEE?
With teacher support, we generally average well over a 90% passing rate.

Q: Can you assess our entire school?
MIHD specializes in creating tests that accurately mimic and model all standardized tests. We have no problem assessing any grade or any size program. In the past, we have created assessment tests for children as young as kindergarten and for a population as large as an entire PAU.

Q: How many instructors do you have?
We have over 50 instructors, but due to the constant growth of our client base, we are orienting new teams of instructors on a bimonthly basis.

Q: Do you provide after-school programs?
We provide in-school, after-school, and tutoring programs.

Q: Can we combine SES with your programs?
Absolutely. By combining SES with our program, students learn to conquer the CST and CAHSEE by a singular strategy which helps to avoid confusion and takes advantage of efficiencies in shared assessment testing and a non-overlapping comprehensive curriculum. Our school program and SES tutoring sessions are created as a synergistic partnership.

Q: Can you accommodate a school system where schools are spread out by distance regionally?
We have an instructor base spread out throughout the Southland which allows us to service schools systems throughout a large area.

Q: Have you worked with at-risk students?
We specialize in working with at-risk students. Every teacher or tutor that we hire must have experience in counseling and/or instructing at-risk students in order to be eligible for employment.

Q: Have you worked with students with mental disabilities?
We have some experience working with students with mental disabilities. It is not our forte; however, we have developed a small teaching force that has extensive special-ed and SED (severely emotionally disturbed) teaching experience.

Q: What has been your success with at-risk students?
In general, we help over 90% of them pass the CAHSEE. Beyond academics, we find the students we have impacted to have greater confidence as students and as people.

Q: Do you provide other types of classes for students?
The strength of MIHD as a company is that we are small and flexible enough to customize any type of program you would like to create. At the same time, we are large enough to have a strong existing base of managers, writers and teachers who are experienced in many different fields beyond math and language arts.

Q: What are the costs for your programs?
Please contact us for a price list. Since we customize every program to the particular needs of a school, district, or PAU, our prices vary.