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Program Design and Implementation

MIHD can provide tutorial support for students at designated school sites.

  • Tutors would work students (a 5:1 ratio) either during class time-with the teacher present and providing classroom management-for a 60- or 90-minute session. These sessions are supplemented by daily practices tests.
  • Tutorial sessions focus on learning general test taking strategies, MAC strategies, and building skills foundation with mini-lessons and worksheets.
  • MIHD tutors will give practice tests and solution sets to teachers.  Site teachers would administer these materials on days following the workshop.
  • MIHD tutors would devote the first part of the next workshop session to answering these questions.

CAHSEE/CST Advantage Daily After School Program.

  • This program would be administered as a 60- or 90-minute tutorial workshop.
  • The After School Program is administered as an ETSL (Excel Through Synergistic Learning) tutorial model where the student-tutor ratio is 5:1. The State of California and Federal Government SES (Supplemental Educational Services) program funds could pay for this program, or After-School Title I funds could be used.

Teachers can administer CAHSEE/CST Grade Level Plus program.

  • MIHD would train teachers in the use of MIHD instructional materials.
  • Teachers can employ program within either the workshop model or as a daily class.
  • MIHD math and language coaches would coach teachers on application of instructional materials. All coaching sessions would be recorded and posted for review on a secure area on the MIHD's website.