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CAHSEE and CST Proficiency Services

CAHSEE Advantage and CST Advantage are designed specifically for alternative and charter school students grades 8 - 12 to help them achieve proficiency on the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) and California Standards Tests (CST) in both mathematics and language arts. These programs integrate Grade Level Plus™, a comprehensive program that provides educators with the following:

  • Tutorial instruction
  • Testing materials
  • Teacher coaching

Grade Level Plus™ (GLP) employs RACE (Recognition, Application, Confidence, Excellence), a methodology uniquely suited to underachieving students. RACE also serves as the foundation for ETSL™ (Excel Through Synergistic Learning), small group (three to five students) learning communities.
Grade Level Plus™ can be implemented in either an in-school or after-school setting. The principal can choose from a number of different Grade Level Plus™ program configurations. She can choose to implement CAHSEE Advantage Math only or to combine CAHSEE Advantage Math with CST Advantage Language Arts in either an after-school or in-school program.

Program Objectives

  • Provide students with a clear understanding of what it takes realistically to score well and to raise their current scores on CAHSEE and CST.
  • Show students what to expect on the CAHSEE and CST through detailed analysis of question types and hidden patterns within the multiple choice spread.
  • Teach students inductive and deductive strategies, like Multiple Analysis of Choices™ (MAC), used by natural testers to choose the correct answer by eliminating poor choices.
  • Eliminate students' fear of test taking through understanding, practical application, and constant review.

Program Goals

  • Impact at least 80% of students who will take the CAHSEE and CST.
  • Pass 90% of the class the first time.
  • Achieve student CST proficiency for 70% of students served.