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Client References

The Mnephonic Institute of Human Development is an outstanding educational provider. The Institute not only works with groups of students in our lower performing schools, but assesses and diagnoses individual student needs for individual performance improvement. As a parent of a high school student, I can personally attest to the improvement on my son's mathematics (algebra and geometry) performance. My son's grades improved by an entire grade in 13 weeks time. Seeing these results I recommended the program to school principals liking to improve student achievement.

As a district school director of curriculum and instruction, the institute was contracted to work with our lowest performing students in one of our Program Improvement middle schools. The overall achievement of the students participating in the tutorial program proved significant growth in the API scores for Washington Middle School in Pasadena. I strongly believe that students and schools can greatly benefit from the Mnephonic Institute's program assistance.

Celia C. Ayala, Ph.D.
Riverside County Assistant Superintendent of Schools Division of Children & Family Services
Phone: (951) 826-6320 / FAX: [951] 826-6615



1994 Metro LA Teacher of the Year, Jaime Escalante Trained Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

September 26, 2005
To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a mathematics teacher at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts for over sixteen years. I also worked very closely with Jamie Escalante in East Los Angeles, maverick and a legend in world of math teaching. Randolph Sydnor and the organization he founded, The Mnephonics Institute are also a maverick and setting new standards in how students learn science and mathematics. The Mnephonic Institute's L2R2 program gives students great tips on not only learning to remember but also on the process of learning.

The program, however, that most impressed me was How to be a Great Math Student (HBGMS). To my knowledge, there is not a program like it anywhere. HBGMS teaches student how to actually use a textbook, take notes in class and from the textbook, how to prepare for a math test, how to use secondary resource materials. Many of my students have benefited greatly from this course.

Shaylen Dixson and Eliza Dean are two students (among many) who took my Algebra II course and HBGMS. Shaylen struggled mightily to earn B- in six weeks of the course. After taking HBGMS, Shaylen's grades improved tremendously. I could see and feel her confidence growing with each day. She went from a B- student to an A student within four weeks. Shaylen's student and test preparation methods helped. HBGMS stresses pre-testing before taking the actual test. Students learn how to create there own math test by developing their own questions or using secondary materials to construct ques¬tions and sharing those questions with their teachers. More impressive is the fact that students truly learn understand mathematics, not rely on plug-and-play. Shaylen defi¬nitely relied on plug-and-play without much success. Again, she went from a struggling B student to an A student-she was definitely among the top students in my class.

There are just two examples among the many students who have benefited from Mnephonic Institute programs. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the programs offered by this excellent organization of committed teachers.

Dallas Russell
Mathematics Teacher
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts