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Purpose of the Institute

Our Vision: Bring together the best professionals of learning, memory, testing, and motivation whose powerful ideas and strategies can make a real and measurable impact in the educational and spiritual lives of students.

Our Mission: Develop content, programs, and technologies to help students reach and surpass their academic potential through partnerships with K-12 educators in both public and private sectors.

Purpose of this Website

This website is based on the research of founder Randolph Sydnor and his desire to assist anyone who wants to excel. The website provides guidance to educators, parents, and students about programs and methodologies, testing and measurement, classes and seminars, and tutorial and coaching services offered by the Mnephonics Institute of Human Development.

What is Mnephonics?

One can think of “mnephonics” as mnemonics on steroids. Mnephonics is a learning and memory tool that gives learners the freedom and confidence to use their own experiences and learning styles to process information effectively. It accomplishes this through:

  • verbal techniques
  • visual techniques
  • kinesthetic techniques
  • mnemonic devices

This unique method of analyzing and processing information, developed by Randolph M. Sydnor in the late 1980s, serves as the inspiration for the Mnephonics Institute of Human Development and its programs.