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Tutorial Services

Prepmasters, a division within the Mnephonics Institute, provides tutorial and educational services for parents and students. Individual tutorials require a 90-minute minimum outside of Pasadena (California State University Los Angeles is the exception.) There are substantial savings on three or more tutorials monthly. Tutorial and instructional services cover the following courses:
Mathematics Science History & English
Algebra I and II General Science Social Studies
Geometry Biology Government
Trigonometry Chemistry American History
Calculus Organic Chemistry World History
Differential Equations Earth Science Political Science
Real and Complex Analysis Physics Philosophy
Statistics Human Anatomy English Composition
We also provide instruction for ALL advanced placement courses. Finally, we provide homework solutions service for the tutorial session. We provide parents with complete solutions of teacher-assigned problems. The student must attempt the problems before getting these solutions. The cost of this service is $17 for each set. The sets are emailed to parents within 24 hours of tutorial sessions.

Individual Tutorial

One-on-One $87.00 hourly
One-on One (Master Tutor) $95.00 hourly
ClassPrep $105.00 hourly (90 min. minimum)

Group Tutorials

This is a great way to decrease costs. Group tutorials require an hour minimum. There are lower costs for more than three consecutive tutorials.
Two students $86.00 hourly ($43 for each student)
Three students $90.00 hourly ( $30 for each student)
Four students $95.00 hourly ( $23 for each student)
Five students $100.00 hourly ($20 for each student)
Six to seven students $120.00 hourly ($17 for each student)

Test Preparation Tutorial Services (One-on-One)

Student chooses sections-e.g., analogies, sentence completion, quantitative comparison, any of ten math subtopics, etc. Costs of tutorials decreased with greater number of sessions contracted. For instance, a package of four GMAT tutorials monthly costs $77 hourly, rather than $90.00 for just one tutorial. The Institute will price the first tutorial at the normal rate; however, that rate will be reduced with added tutorials.

Mastering To Take The SAT Tutorials $125.00 per session (90 min)
Mastering To Take The SAT II Tutorials $125.00 per session (90 min)
SAT Evaluation & Assessment $150.00
Mastering To Take The ACT Tutorials $125.00 per session (90 min)
California Exit Exam Preparation $87.00 per session (90 min)
Advance Placement Class Tutorial $87.00 hourly (90 min minimum)
GRE and GRE Advanced Test Tutorials $90.00 hourly (90 min minimum)
GMAT $90.00 hourly
LSAT $95.00 hourly (90 min minimum)
CBEST $77.00 hourly (90 min. minimum)

Online Tutorial & Instructional Services

All online services require DSL or Cable Connection and any Windows-based operating system Online services are conducted by telephone (preferably a landline) and the Internet. To gain access to our system, a student simply calls at the scheduled time and click to the website where she enters a code. The student's computer will then become a whiteboard where the instructor can talk with the student and solve problems graphically, as they appear on the computer screen of both student and teacher. Besides convenience, these virtual classrooms offer a number of advantages, like connections to other content-rich math and science sites. Students can also record their sessions and replay them on the way to school or during spare time.