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Classes and Seminars

ETSL (Excel Through Synergistic Learning, or simply Excel) are small classes with no more than seven students. Here students come together as a team to truly understand a subject through interaction with each other with an experienced math-science professional. The instructors will guide them throughout the year and provide detailed solutions sets in the classic three-column format. Homework and test preparation is always the focus. The average ETSL group meets for six hours monthly.

Parents and students organize their own ETSL groups. We provide the instructor, instruction, materials, and the room. ETSL is an inexpensive, highly effective method that makes concepts clear to students while enriching their learning experience.

ETSL (or Excel)

Monthly Rates (per student)
ETSL Platinum (six to seven students) $237.00 (with Mathemagics)
ETSL Gold (five students) $250.00
ETSL Silver (four students) $275.00
ETSL Bronze (three students) $300.00
ETSL Standard (two students) $325.00

Boot Camps

General Mathematics $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Geometry $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Algebra I $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Algebra II $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Trigonometry $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Calculus $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Biology $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Chemistry $450.00 (12 hours over four days)
Physics $450.00 (12 hours over four days)

L²R² (Learning to Remember and Remembering to Learn) 

L²R² offers students a holistic and powerful approach to learning and memory, with strategies to help them process information more effectively. In this online course of four (4) session (two-hours each), students will master cognitive mapping; proven study and information processing methods; and Mnephonics®, a memory/learning tool that can be used to transform any information regardless of difficulty or personal learning style.

It matters not whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner: Mnephonics® bridges the gap between learning styles. Complementing Mnephonics® are tools for learning the smart way by efficiently using your mind along with today's technology. These proven methods have helped many students earn top grades. Here are a few of the topics:
  • Motivation
  • The Art of Achievement: Conditions for Success
  • Setting Process and Outcome Goals the Work for You
  • Notes That Not Only Sparkle But Are Effective
  • Mastering Radiant Thinking
  • Reading and Studying for Results
  • The Power of Meditation and Positive Self-Talk
  • Creating the RIGHT Learning Environment
  • Diet and Supplements That Give The Body and Mind Energy
  • Learning and Remembering the Sciences
  • Remembering Names and Faces
  • Remembering Facts and Figures
  • Evaluating Literature
  • The One Percent Secret
  • Setting Process and Outcome Goals that Work for You